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The “Terms of Use” mentioned below belong to the website of Swiss Military Apparels (https://swissmilitaryapparels.com/)

These terms are applicable to anyone (or everyone) who visits the website (https://swissmilitaryapparels.com/) run by or on behalf of Swiss Military Apparels (registered office at- ADDRESS).

This page describes and outlines all the terms and conditions that fall under the “Terms of Use” section of the website. All the different aspects that are important and necessary has been described in detail. For any query, contact us at- HELPLINE EMAIL ADDRESS.

Here, the terms “You”, “Your”, “Customer” or “User” refers to the user/visitor of this website (https://swissmilitaryapparels.com/). Whereas, “We”, “Us”, “Our” or “Ours” are/will be used for the owner/operator of this website. Please read the “Terms of Use” carefully before accessing the Swiss Military Apparels website (https://swissmilitaryapparels.com/).

Swiss Military Apparels (https://swissmilitaryapparels.com/) solely own the right to alter or make changes in the “Terms of Use” part of the website, with or without prior notice. It is understood that the “You” or the “User” has gone through each and every point written down below and familiarized themselves accordingly. A customer is deemed to have acknowledged and agreed to the terms and conditions that fall under the “Terms of Use” while using/browsing/accessing/purchasing through this website (https://swissmilitaryapparels.com/).

Eligibility/Accessibility to the website or get in a contract-

The use/access of our website is only allowed to the people who have the legal right to form a contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872. Those who are “Incompetent to Contract” as per the Indian Contract Act, including minors, are not eligible to use the website (https://swissmilitaryapparels.com/).

A minor, i.e., a person who has not attained the age of 18 years, should not use/access/transact on this website. However, if a minor wishes to use/purchase on our website, it should be done by any legal guardian or parents.

Privacy Policy and Data Safety

We, at Swiss Military Apparels, understand the importance of your/user’s private data and its safety. As of this reference, the terms of the privacy policy (hyperlink privacy policy page) are also a part of the “Terms of Use” of our website.

As per the Information Technology Act, 2000, “Your” Personal Information/Sensitive Personal Data or Information(if any) is stored and processed on computers that are protected via reasonable technological security methods and procedures in lieu of the Information Technology Act. 2000. You can read our Privacy Policy by clicking here (hyperlink privacy policy page).
The disclosure of your personal information to third parties may happen in either of the two cases: 1) To make the website more user-friendly, to provide you access to our website, to facilitate our marketing/advertising activities. 2) In case of a legal dispute or if required by the law. This is done to ensure/prevent/mitigate/detect and take action against any fraudulent/illegal activities with respect to our website (https://swissmilitaryapparels.com/).
We care about your personal data/information as much as you do and try our best to keep everything safe. However, it is understood that transactions on the Internet are never completely private or secure, despite the encryption.

Website Content Ownership

The content/materials of/on this website (https://swissmilitaryapparels.com/) including artwork, computer code, designs, graphics, illustrations, images, icons, information, intellectual property, copyrights, logos, music, photographs, service marks, trademarks, trade dress, trade names or anything ane everything as such are solely owned/controlled and/or licensed by “Us/Our Associated Entities/Our Licensors” (unless otherwise agreed in a written agreement).

Price/Service Modification

Swiss Military Apparels has reserved the complete right to change/modify the prices of its products with or without any prior notice. We can also choose to modify or discontinue any of our services without any notice at any time.

Swiss Military Apparels will not be liable to you or any user or a third party in lieu of any change/modification/discontinuation of its products/services.

Product Discrepancy

It is a common understanding that the products displayed on a website (https://swissmilitaryapparels.com/) and the product you receive may differ at times. However, we at Swiss Military Apparels, take this issue seriously and try to deliver the accurate/right product. However, we do not agree or warrant that description of the product or any other content on our website (https://swissmilitaryapparels.com/) is accurate/complete/current/error-free/reliable. These discrepancies can include the color of your product, size or any other aspect as such.

If you are not satisfied with the product you receive, you can learn about the return policy by clicking here.

Third-Party Links/Our Website’s Links

You/One are/is not allowed to use/share/display the content/information of our website (https://swissmilitaryapparels.com/) on any other platform for commercial or non-commercial purposes without our prior permission. Any such activity (without our permission) will be deemed illegal and against our rules and regulations.

Every now and then, you may also find links to various other websites that are now controlled/operated/owned by us. Such links are made available on our website (https://swissmilitaryapparels.com/) as a convenience to you. However, it must be noted that using these links will direct you to other websites (and leave ours) which are not controlled/operated and owned by us. And hence, we will not be held liable/responsible for the content/information/materials or any events that occur on these other websites.

Governing Law

The “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy” and other contents of our website (https://swissmilitaryapparels.com/) have been devised and formed in respect with the “Indian Contract Act, 1872”, “Information Technology Act, 2000” as well the rules and regulations of Swiss Military Apparels.

User Comments

We also allow the users of our website to review our products. This, in turn, helps us and other users of our website (https://swissmilitaryapparels.com/). However, it must be noted that we should not be held responsible/liable for the comments made by the users.

Guidelines for user comments, violation of which can get you banned from this website-
1. Your comment should not be abusive or obscene.
2. You are not allowed to use the review/comment section to make any political or religious comments.
3. You must not use this platform for any illegal activity.


A user must not engage in any of the following activities in lieu of our website (https://swissmilitaryapparels.com/):-

1. Creating accounts using fake/fraudulent/false means
2. Transferring/assigning the login credentials of your account to a different party
3. Infringing the intellectual property rights of a third party
4. Failing/refusing to make payments for the product(s) ordered on our website (https://swissmilitaryapparels.com/)